2021 Predictions for Consumer Fashion Shopping Trends

Less shopping, more mindfulness, and a greater focus on sustainability than ever before

Photo by RomixImage on Adobe Stock
Photo by Pixel-Shot on Adobe Stock
  1. More mindful shopping: Respondents to our survey reported that in 2021, they plan to buy fewer clothes and that they intend to invest in more expensive items. These plans signal a shift to a slower, more mindful way of shopping for clothing.
  2. A continued shift to e-commerce: In 2020, consumers shifted a huge percentage of their clothing consumption online. By some estimates, the pandemic has accelerated the shift to e-commerce by as much as five years — and this will not be a temporary shift.
  3. Greater focus on sustainability and ethical labor: When asked what they want to see brands doing differently in 2021, 86% of respondents said they would like to see brands focus more on sustainability and / or ethical labor practices. In fact, increased attention to sustainability was pervasive across many of the survey responses. Many consumers have had time to think about sustainability more over the past year, and this is translating into changes in the way they think about shopping.
  4. A desire to be listened to by brands: In the current moment, consumers have high expectations of fashion brands, and they want to be heard. When we asked what they want to see brands doing differently in 2021, “listening to customers more” was in the top three answers. It has never been more important for brands to learn how to tap into what their customers are thinking and quickly respond.



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